Leftovers – Contemporary Dance from the Other Side

Two dancers performing, the one in the foreground is seated cross egged, tracing a shape on the floor with her hand

Marc Brew, Caroline Bowditch, Fiona Wright, Chisato Minamimura

Friday 3 December | 8:00pm
Venue: the Bluecoat
Tickets: £7/ £5 Telephone: 0151 702 5324

A dance bill that redefines expectations of physicality. Australian choreographers Marc Brew and Caroline Bowditch present a brand new duet Leftovers, “an eclectic mix of discarded dances carefully gathered from the studio floor – each one with its own potential”, Marc’s beautiful solo Remember When and Caroline joins with UK live artist Fiona Wright for their acclaimed collaboration She was a Knife Thrower’s Assistant. Japanese choreographer Chisato Minamimura completes the bill with NEW BEATS a playful two-hander that explores a deaf perspective on sound.

the Bluecoat
School Lane
L1 3BX