What is DaDaFest?

This is the tenth edition of DaDaFest, the UK’s largest Disability and Deaf Arts festival. The festival will bring artists from across the globe to Liverpool to showcase and celebrate the best in Disability and Deaf Arts. DaDaFest International 2010 will present art from a unique cultural perspective, challenging and entertaining audiences with the theme Objects of Curiosity and Desire.

DaDaFest is devised, developed and delivered by DaDa – Disability and Deaf Arts, an innovative disability arts organisation based in Liverpool and working as a cutting edge Disability and Deaf arts agency regionally, nationally and internationally since 1984.

DaDa – Disability & Deaf Arts works with many arts organisations and agencies concerned with the promotion of equal access for Disabled people from arts training to audience development and programming. But, most importantly at its heart is the ‘grass roots’ work; engaging directly with Disabled & Deaf artists and communities to ensure every aspect of delivery reflects the wants and needs of Disabled & Deaf people.

Our company aims to be culturally relevant and accessible at all times, concentrating our work on the following areas in addition to DaDaFest:

•    Access
•    Development
•    Events
•    Young Peoples Access to the Arts

You can find out more about DaDa – Disability and Deaf Arts here www.dadahello.com.